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Modern life differs in a number of respects from the physical and social environment likely experienced by our Paleolithic ancestors. These differences between the current environment and that of the past could affect both physical and psychological well-being. Such differences include efficient means of transportation, machinery that can replace physical labor, a constant progression of technologies to improve communications, and numerous other resources that afford a greater level of convenience and efficiency than found in the pre-modern world. However, these societal and technological advances have concurrently deprived modern man of exposure to various factors that were present in the evolutionary past. Many of these factors may have served as natural facilitators of physical and mental health.


For example, in the pre-modern environment early man would have likely had a sleep pattern more attuned to natural circadian rhythms not influenced by artificial light, foods with higher levels of nutritional value, higher levels of physical activity, less ruminative thought processes, more time exposed to sunlight and fewer periods of social isolation.


We have nothing but, conveniently entered an unhealthy postmodern era burdened with toxic chemicals and pollutants but with little immunity to fight them naturally. Invariably these toxic waste and pollutants lead to disease. We, of course, shower, bathe, wash hands, rinse our mouth, and brush our teeth on a regular basis. Physicians have known for centuries that health problems can result from the accumulation of foreign substances in our bodies. Many of these chemicals find their way into our bodies through our water supplies, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the cosmetics we use, the drugs we consume and can remain in our bodies for a very long time. In addition, Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can further contribute to our body's contamination. So what is the solution?


At NeoWellness we bring you a range of Wellness products to help you attain a vibrant health by enhancing your body's natural restorative powers, improving blood circulation, repairing a compromised immune system and preventing premature aging. We wish you a fantastic health! Celebrate Life!